My name is Roderick Octigan and I am the founder of Octigan Guitars. I am very proud to say that each instrument produced at Octigan Guitars is hand made by me.

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My name is Roderick, and the principal of Octigan Guitars, and as such each instrument produced at Octigan Guitars is hand made by me.  The journey begins with the sourcing of tonewoods through to the final setup. Being inspired by my grandfather, an award winning luthier himself, I have developed a passion for building beautiful archtop guitars. When a customer asks me to build their dream guitar, I encourage them to have an involvement right from the beginning.  I instigate a discussion to more About Octigan Guitars here

News17 inch Lefty Jazz guitar with double top

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As of July 1 2022 any of the instruments displayed in CATALOGUE as in stock and for sale will have the sale price attached at the bottom of the descriptive more here