Semi hollow body bass

I thought i’d broarden the scope a bit and add a bass to the repertoire, i rather like the vintage Gibson EB2 semi hollow body bass, very similar in shape to the ES335, doing a bit of research on it at the moment in regards to hardware, pups etc. it won’t be a 100% copy but a style to work on. One major difference that won’t be immediately apparent is that the front and back will totally solid timber, instead of ply or laminated material, with the arching carved by hand, this will significantly improve the acoustic qualities of this style of instrument. i’ll also confer with local pup builders to design and build pups to suit this build.
Looking forward to getting started asap.

Here’s a couple of pics of the sides being bent in the mould,sides out of the mould with the top cut roughly to shape lying on top and one of the neck, inlaid and nearly ready for frets.


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